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Site updates

We've made some updates to the site:
- Updated to latest php-fusion.
- Installed new theme.
- Screenshots link now points to a gallery.
- Manual is now embedded in a frame (if your browser doesn't support this you will see a regular link to the manual).
- Other small tweaks such as all panels being moved to the left and the BerliOS logo is now at a more visible position.

Enjoy :)

0.2.2 Released

Another small release, with a few bugfixes:

- Fixed: would not sort files (reported by Tero Pelander).
- Fixed: didn't check given commandline arguments anymore.
- Fixed: Missing quotes in (reported by Tero Pelander).
- Startup message is now read from file.
- New way of choosing frontends: instead of trying to find available C/C++ system libraries each frontend is checked with ldd for missing libraries (suggested by Tero Pelander).

As usual the files can be found in the download section.

Nixstaller 0.2.1

This small release fixes a few bugs, thanks to Edward Rudd who contacted me about most of them and sending patches.

- Fixed: Welcome and License screen would not show up if only one language was available.
- Fixed: Tried to default to english incase only one language was available even if this wasn't English.
- Fixed: Startup script wouldn't detect libstdc++ on Gentoo
- Startup script now defaults to Linux incase no frontends are found for the current OS and defaults to x86 incase no frontends are found for the current CPU arch.

As usual the files can be found in the downloads section.

Announcing Nixstbuild

I'd like to announce a new GUI frontend for Nixstaller - Nixstbuild. It will make building Nixstaller based installers even easier. Currently it's still under development but already pretty usable. More about it here.

Second major Nixstaller release

The second major Nixstaller release (0.2) has been released!

This release adds many features. Some highlights:
* Lua support for configuring and programming the installer.
* lzma compression (compresses better than gzip and bzip2).
* 'binary diffs': frontends from similar systems are compared and only the difference is copied to the installer package.
* Completely new ncurses frontend.
* Support for OpenBSD and Solaris Express/Nexenta.

Check out the updated about page, FAQ, screenshots and the manual for more details. There is also a Vim example thats shows some of the new features here.

0.1.1 released and quick update

This new release fixes a bug with the ncurses frontend if only 1 language is available, a small bug with ksh and adds a new language: norwegian.

You can find the packages here and a slightly more detailed changelog here.

A little status update:
Currently I'm very busy with the next release(0.2). Some new key features include:
* New ncurses frontend
* Lua support for creating install configuration/script files.
* LZMA compression: Compresses better than gzip and bzip2 and is still pretty fast at extracting.
* Solaris and Nexenta support.

Here is a screenshot showing the new ncurses frontend with a install screen generated by a lua script:

0.1 released

0.1 has been released!

Head to the download section to get it. Also don't forget to read the manual ;-)
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