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Fixed account registration

Site NewsIt seemed that the move to didn't go completely smooth. I (hopefully) fixed the captcha system and site mailing, so hopefully everyone can register a new account again.

Many thanks for Marc Neeley on letting me know about the registration troubles!

Nixstaller moved to

Site NewsAs you hopefully have noticed the site has been moved to The reason for this is the unfortunate planned shutdown of BerliOS at the end of the year. I did my best to update all links and other stuff that pointed to the old BerliOS site. If, however, you find anything not working or linking to the wrong place, please let me know.

Furthermore the site is now running the latest php-fusion which uses a more modern captcha system. So far, this seems to have a nice effect on preventing spam bots signing up. For the same reason I also decided to remove all accounts with zero posts, mainly because the majority seemed to be from (inactive) spammers. Therefore please recreate your account if you find it missing.

Spanish translations

Project NewsNixstaller has now Spanish translations! Many thanks to Javier. You can get the archive here. Simply extract the files (including the 'spanish' directory) to the 'lang/' directory found in either your project directory or Nixstaller's main directory. Add "spanish" to your cfg.languages variable (inside config.lua) to use it.

New registration captcha

Site NewsThe registration form now uses reCAPTCHA instead of the regular captcha shipped with php-fusion. This will hopefully reduce the creation of new spam accounts. If you have any problems creating a new account please let me know (using the contact page).

Nixstaller 0.5.1 released / status update

Project NewsNew release: 0.5.1
A new release has been released. It fixes several bugs and adds Polish translations. Changelog:
- Fixed: LZMA encoder had unresolved symbols on older Linux systems (reported by John Tsolox)
- Fixed: Missing large file support (LFS) for Linux 32 bit and Solaris (reported by Edward Rudd)
- Fixed: Linux 64 bit LZMA encoder was actually a Linux 32 bit binary.
- Fixed: OpenSolaris might produce invalid embedded archive.
- Fixed: PackageToggleScreen didn't disable package selector when it was disabled.
- Fixed: Solaris su helper had unresolved symbol to nanosleep on Solaris 10. (Reported by Marc Rios)
- Polish translations (thanks to Jusko)

Many thanks to those who notified me about the bugs listed above. The release the can be downloaded from the download section.

Status update
Besides this new release, much work has been done on 'Nixstbuild' which is a graphical interface for Nixstaller powered by Qt4. Although it was started a long time ago, it was only after some time ago that it received more serious attention.

Nixstbuild will have an 'expert mode' (screenshot below) which will provide all Nixstaller's feature through it's user interface. This mode assumes that the user is familiar with Nixstaller and hence it's name. For those who are less familiar or have fewer requirements several other modes will be supported aswell. These modes let you create installers with most basic (but also some advanced) features through a simple wizard.

Below is a screenshot for the expert mode. Note that the interface itself still needs work (eg. icons).

Polish translations

Project NewsMany thanks to Jusko who provided Polish translations for Nixstaller 0.5! The file can be downloaded here.

Simply extract the archive to your project's 'lang/' directory and add "polish" to cfg.languages in your project's config.lua file. You can also extract the files to Nixstaller's lang/ directory so they will be automatically copied by for new projects.

0.5 released

Project NewsAfter over a year of development version 0.5 has been released! This version consists of many changes, including several bug fixes and lots of new features.

The biggest new feature is dependency handling. This allows your installer to verify the software's dependencies and handle any missing or incompatible dependencies. In case the installer finds any dependency problems it can warn the user and tell what to do next. It's also possible to bundle dependencies and let the installer install them itself. These dependencies will be installed to a seperate location so they will not interfere or be interfered. To reduce the install package size it's possible to make these dependencies 'external' so they can be downloaded by the installer when it needs to.

GTK frontend dependency screen.

Another major new feature is UTF-8 support. This means that Nixstaller can finally be reasonably translated. For the same reason Nixstaller now additionally supplies two new translations: Bulgarian and Lithuanian.

Some other new features include:
  • Unattended installers. Using this installation type the installation process can be done without any user interaction, ideal for automated installations.
  • A function can be defined inside an installation screen's class that is called continuously when the screen is active. This allows Lua code to be executed in the background.
  • Extended widget functionality: widgets can be disabled/enabled, functions to add or remove elements from menus, checkboxes and radiobuttons and text label attributes.
  • Much of the core installation code has been moved to Lua, therefore this functionality can now also be used by install creators.
  • Extended installer commandline support: option to choose a frontend, improved usage display and an option to dump installer information.
  • Binary delta code is replaced by 'subarchives' (extra layer of compressed archived files). This way installers have even less size overhead.
  • Installers can now (optionally) auto detect the user's language.
  • And much more... see the CHANGELOG for more info.
On a related note, the about page was updated and the site has a new FAQ so you may want to check these out.
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